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2008 Blanket Series dates
Race 1 – Nov. 30
Lake Barton

Race 4 – Jan. 25
Lake Wilson, Hell Creek

Race 2 – Dec. 14
Coronado Heights

Race 5 – Feb. 8
Hays Trail

Race 3 – Jan. 11 09
East River Loop, Great Bend

Race 6 – Feb. 22
Old Forest, Great Bend

Blanket Series Basic Info
Blanket Series races are intended to be a fun, easy going, and affordable off-season race series. The purpose of the series is to gather together friends, and others with a two-wheel zeal on some of the prime winter trails in and around Barton County.

Entry and awards – Each participant brings one item worth $10 or more to be placed on the awards blanket. After the race, riders pick their awards from the blanket in the order of their finish. Every rider brings an award, every rider leaves with an award. How much fun is that?

Race 1 and 2 photos from 2007-08, Race 5 are from 2006 (photos from 2008-09 coming soon)
Race #1
Barton Lake

Nov. 26, 2006

Race #2 Veteran’s Park,
Dec. 10, 2006
Around the park in a fast, fun packed loop with long wooden bridges, & unique views

Race #3 Old Forest Trails,
Jan. 7, 2007
Race #4 Kanopolis Lake,
Jan. 28, 2007
All races start at 2 p.m.
Contact Golden Belt Bicycle
during inclement weather
for race cancellation info

Race # 5 River Trail Speedway –
Feb. 18, 2007
A fast 10 miles with the high berms of the “pinball”, and the swoop-swoop sailing along the speed sections
Awards Suggestion – Any new, used or homemade bike item or otherwise with a value of $10 or more.
New items might be gift certificates to local restaurants or stores, chain lube, nutrition bars etc.
Used items need to be in good useable, safe condition. They should have a new value of at least $20, and used value of at least $10. Items should be as universal as possible. Don’t bring a bottom bracket that will only work on a specific bike.
Homemade Items, use your imagination. These can be homemade treats, a universal bike stand you’ve created in your garage or maybe some bike related artwork.

Race promoters reserve the right to reject any award contribution they deem unsafe, unworthy or inappropriate in anyway.

Call 1-800-561-2453 for more information
Blanket series hosted by Golden Belt Bicycle Company

1111 N Main
Great Bend, Kansas 67530
(800) 561-2453
Hours: Mon – Fri., 10 to 6 p.m.
Saturday 10 – 3 p.m.
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